nice new golf course...

Went sunday golfing for the first time in Jakarta. It's in Royale Jakarta aka Halim III. Only 9 holes are available at the moment, with 18 more in completion stage.

The buzz is the course is unlike playing in any other golf course in Jakarta, and I have to say I'm quite impressed. Let's see if they can keep up the work on the whole course once it's open.

All in all quite a good experience with the exception of a couple of jack-ass old golfer, one of whom in snake skin outfit, who knowingly and intentionally teed off while I was still doing my second shot from the fairway.



Have you seen the youtube videos? Awesome isn't it? It should give Apple iPhone a run for it's money... Now would you think the rest of phone maker pack, motorola, samsung, LG, and HTC can cash in?

My web 2.0 quest...

Been reading a lot about web 2.0, social networking... I have to say I'm impressed with a lot of things that came out recently (or so I thought)... Flickr and Blogger opening up their api, Facebook with their app platform...

How cool is it that you can send pictures to your Flickr via your cellphone? Now how about this, how COOL is it that you can update your Blogger by sending pictures to your Flickr via your cellphone? Wow the wonder of web 2.0...

By the way, this post is sent using my beloved Nokia E61. Love my Sony Ericsson Z800 but loving a qwerty 'thumb'board Nokia E61 even more!


Who am I?

Who am I?
Who am I?,
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Who am I?