almost a 'push' mail solution

Decided to use the pop/imap client on my e61 with auto retrieval settings to mimic push mail capability. E61 has pretty good options in the auto retrieval capability, such as time of day, what day of the week it's active, etc. With 5 minutes interval it should be good enough setup to mimic push mail.

Let's see for a month how much would this setup cost since I'll only incur data charges when I'm out of home/office WiFi range.

I wonder if I can write an application for e61 to run in the background and get special sms notifier which will trigger the pop/imap client to download new email.


Satya said...
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Satya said...

if my job requires me to be "on call" every minute of the day, i'd probably need push email. but since i don't need to be and since push mail would mean my phone beeping 100 times a day, i'm very happy with the mobile Gmail app.

Anonymous said...
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