New BlackBerry Curve 8320

Got my new BlackBerry Curve 8320 yesterday, YAY! Still no BB service yet, waiting for next month billing cycle to sign up. What oh why you can't pro-rate the service is beyond me, maximizing profit I guess...

A few quirks have kinda bothered me, such as you can't have multiple mobile number label. I have to settle to eye-balling some 500 contacts to check for multiple mobile number. God I love Nokia for making things simple on Symbian. (On the flip side, I have been complaining about how slow and stupid my e61 have become though!)

I have to say though the BB is pretty compact and lighter compare to e61, though look more plastic-ky compared to e61 (which is mostly metal).

Overall quite impressed and satisfied. Let's wait for the final judgement when I turned on the BB service next month. Will my phone bill shoot through the roof???