Addicted to crackberry...

Getting cocky with one's blackberry... Re-activated id-mac mailing list membership, signed up for id-blackberry and id-ruby mailing list...

What do you get? Neverending stream of email... Hahahahaha...


A few days with my BB...

So it's been a few days since my BIS is active. Quite a good overall experience.

I have to agree with my friends who told me that I will soon be addicted to crackberry and become somewhat autistic (getting that in denial feeling, don't you? :). Not a minute goes by without me thumbing a message to my friends via BB Messenger, YM, GTalk; or updating my facebook; even 'twitter'-ing using twitterberry.

One quirk that I found out is that you definitely need additional SD memory for your BB if you don't want constantly finding out sms/messages disappearing from the inbox. Ended up buying a 2GB micro SD memory; can't believe how cheap it is.

I still don't understand why the BIS connection won't switch from mobile network to WiFi some of the time. Most people would say that's because XL service sucks compare to Telkomsel and Indosat. I don't agree, yet can't seem to debunk their assertion.

My wife now wants one too and yes I'll be buying her a pretty one for her birthday :)


The Police!

BTW, went to The Police reunion tour concert in Singapore on Monday. Boy oh boy it was awesome. These dudes are old but they can still rock.

Yes there were a few minor solo guitar mishaps by Andi Summers but Stewart Copeland played awesome drums and percussions. My friend told me he shed some tears during 'Wrapped Around My Finger' because the percussions was so moving! I've seen Sting concerts about 4 times and man he still got the energy and the passion.

Other than that, lots of Indonesians were there for the concert. Even the so called Indonesian celebrities was all there watching this legendary band. Awesome!

Check this out!

This is my first post from my blackberry! How cool is that?

I'll be reviewing more of my new BIS service in a few days. But so far I'm impressed, been pin-ing (BB messaging) and YM-ing with my friends.