Talk about somebody that knows absolutely nothing, yet he's opinionated!

So Indonesia's parliament just recently ratified a new law governing electronic transaction and internet use in Indonesia. One of the provision is making illegal to acces pornographic content in Indonesia (regardless of origin of the website). Some Indonesians are up in arms rejecting this law since it's actually a pretty hard and almost 'impossible' to enforce plus it's money better spent in other public services. Not many Indonesians have access to internet!

Some hackers take this matter into their own hand and defaced the Depkominfo (Indonesia's ministry of communication and information) website. Not that I condone the action but an action nevertheless. This action generates a lot of response from the community.

One in particular caught my interest, Roy Suryo, who was interviewed by the media, Indocommit.com. This person is widely believed in Indonesia to be the authority/expert in telematika (information and communication technology). Yet he is making some stupid and uneducated statements about things that he's supposed to be an expert of.

He kept referring people who defaced the website as blogger (???) and refer us, general internet user, as hacker. What the F**k??? He goes on to put on a smear campaign against an Indonesian blogger, Enda Nasution, by accusing him and his group as the mastermind behind the attack on Depkominfo website.

I don't have anything personally against this guy but I do have some reservation about his comments and opinion. I don't think he's an expert/authority in anything. And this comments he's making in the media just shows me that he's not a qualified guy to make such statements.

Head on to http://bloggerdanhacker.wordpress.com/2008/04/02/mulutmu-harimaumu/ to read about excerpts of his comments and the debunking opinions. Please beware that it's in Indonesian.

Thank you for avianto for bringing this up on twitter. Interesting read :)


dwiAgus said...

Roy Suryo kok didengerin,.. huehehehe

Alderina said...

hihihihihih... edun banget sih RS :D

itu aturan dibuat supaya anggota DPR ga ketauan kalau bikin kasus selingkuh kali :D