Signed up for pre-paid BB service by Telkomsel...

Last week, Telkomsel, the largest GSM provider in Indonesia launched a new service for pre-paid customer. What an innovative service! The first in Asia they said. Now, wait a minute... pre-paid BB? What happen to all the hassle signing up for post-paid service to have BB service. Again post-paid customers in Indonesia got screwed!

I've been contemplating to move to Indosat's BB offering of unlimited monthly plan for around Rp 190.000/month. But in order to move to Indosat, I need to get a post-paid service and that takes a while to do, plus I'm kinda in waiting list for a "cantik" number (my own vanity phone number).

Moving to Telkomsel has been my last choice to get out of my XL misery since I have a post-paid service with Telkomsel still going as my second semi-private line. I've been thinking really hard wether to swallow the 20MB quota for Rp 150.000/month. Plus my friend has been telling me that Telkomsel will give better offering for price for their post-paid BB service. That hasn't happened yet.

So when Telkomsel introduced pre-paid BB service, I thought I give it a try. Especially since my friend who works for Telkomsel has been bragging about their BB service. I bought a pre-paid card last night and decide to give it a try. Took me a day to register, but it finally it's active as of late afternoon.

Haven't have much comment yet. I'm using my old trusty Nokia E61 with BB Connect for now. Going to borrow a BB Pearl tomorrow because I really need to compare the service head-to-head using a BB device to know the difference. My complaint with XL has been about their unstable GPRS connection that makes my IM through BB Messenger impaired. BB Messenger was one of the selling point for me to get a BB device instead of using BB Connect when I activated XL BB service. Using BB Messenger has lowered my bill significantly.

So stay tuned for my experience with the service...

A few things that has got me thinking really hard 

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Unknown said...

Hi...just a quick question: do you mean that when we have a post-paid service from telkomsel and we want to sign up for blackberry service on our account they do not provide unlimited access?