Telkomsel prepaid BB service first impression (against XL BB service)

Borrowed a BB Pearl from a friend yesterday and switched my Curve to Telkomsel SIM and Pearl to XL SIM, updated the service books and voila! Now I can compare the level of service when I'm using BB Messenger.

My initial impression, right of the bat I can see the difference when I send a message from Telkomsel BB service compared to XL BB service. Using Telkomsel, it feels instantaneous while using XL, there's like a few seconds lag just to get the check mark (notification that the message has gone through the BB infrastructure but haven't been delivered to the recipient end).

I sent a message to my wife (she uses XL), who was sitting next to me, from my Telkomsel BB. The message has a check mark right away, yet it took 15 minutes for my wife to received it. Something is really wrong with XL's infrastructure.

Gonna use 2 BB devices for the next two days and do more comparison. For now I'm pretty satisfied with Telkomsel and it warrants my consideration for my next BB service provider.

By the way, none of comparisons I made is by any means scientific, so don't take my experience as the word of truth in settling down and choosing your BB service provider in Indonesia.


Unknown said...

Hi there,

really would love to hear what further findings you've encountered. I'm, currently with XL and am less than satisfied, so I wanted to compare Telkomsel's service, but as you know - changing Service Providers on a BB isn't just a matter of switching the SIM card - the XL setup took a while and I'm reluctant to screw with it. This is complicated more by the fact that I don't really understand the Telkomsel's plans on offer. All I know is XL is about 200,000 / month, and that includes unlimited email and browsing.. But i've hear Telkomsel's coverage is much better.. Please post your findings and anything you know about Telkomsel's plans..



BeOL said...

Hi Rick,

Sorry it took me a while to reply your questions. I rarely get traffic so I don't usually check for comments on my blog.

Anyhow, if you read my next post, I've un-scientifically proven that XL service sucks big time! I have many instances where my emails are, delivered by XL's, late up to 40 minutes; BB Messenger messages would be delayed which would render IM useless.

Telkomsel's BB service is way better, emails are immediately sent to the handheld when it's received by the mail server (in my case it's Gmail).

Currently Telkomsel offer 2 different priceplan, for prepaid and postpaid.

Prepaid BB service by Telkomsel is pretty straight forward, Rp. 180.000/30 days, unlimited blackberry.com APN. Any GPRS traffic using Telkomsel's own APN are billed Rp 10/KB.

Telkomsel's postpaid BB service is hell expensive Rp 150.000/mo (20MB quota for both blackberry.com APN and GPRS), compared to Indosat's Matrix Rp 190.000/month (Rp 140.000 unlimited blackberry.com APN + Rp 50.000 50MB GPRS quota) and XL's Rp 199.000/month (unlimited blackberry.com APN + 50MB GPRS quota or 100 mins call to other XL numbers).

My friend who works for Telkomsel has mentioned since the end of last year that Telkomsel is going to change the price plan for the postpaid service, but it hasn't materialized yet.

Hope that helps....

If you are thinking about migrating to Telkomsel, definitely no brainer to get the prepaid service.