Up to 40 minutes of delay...

Some of the emails I received on XL BB service yesterday was delayed up to 40 minutes. I can now understand comments I've got from friends about how XL BB service is pretty much crap. I'm still constantly getting only GSM signal instead of GPRS with my XL, which may contribute to the delay receiving emails. I wonder how the corporate customers of XL feels. Do they have better experience?

I'm done comparing the two, XL and Telkomsel. As much as I hate Telkomsel on their gauging prices, they are in my opinion the superior against XL. Now all I have to do is wait until the end of my XL billing cycle to disconnect BB service. I've made up my mind to suck up the premium price of Rp 150.000/month with 20MB quota (compared to XL's Rp 200.000/month unlimited ) on my Telkomsel postpaid mobile number. My friend in Telkomsel have told me, yet again, that the new price for BB service for Telkomsel postpaid will be revised next month.

Sad to say I have to ditch Telkomsel's prepaid Rp 180.000/month unlimited, that I've been testing, cause I can't see myself carrying 3 mobile phones. I still need my XL for my work, since all the clients contact me through that number and I have a sentimental attachment to my Telkomsel number.

I think it's fair to say that if you are currently looking for a BB service and you are not a postpaid customer yet, you should go with Telkomsel prepaid BB service. If you are already a postpaid customer of XL, seriously consider Telkomsel's prepaid offering. If you are already an Indosat's postpaid customer, get their offering for BB service it's still a whole lot better than XL and it's unlimited. If you are on Telkomsel postpaid, well, just suck it up right now or you can go prepaid with them (if you haven't already carrying so many phones :).

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