Gone XL BIS... Welcome Telkomsel Prepaid BIS!

So after enduring 5 months of horrendeous BIS service from XL, I put my foot down and switched to Telkomsel's prepaid BIS starting this July. I did try out Telkomsel's BIS a while back with high satisfaction so this was a no brainer move. There was one hick-up during the activation process that left my wife and I without BB for 3 days.

The not bad news is I have to content with 3 GSM phones at the moment. My XL number is my work number, so I can't let that go. I also have a Telkomsel's postpaid number for my friends and family. And last but not least the new Telkomsel Simpati for my BB. I'm thinking of forwarding calls to either one of my postpaid number to my BB. My Telkomsel's postpaid would be the better candidate because of the discounted rate for in-network calls, but my XL number would've make more sense. The problem is, I can't get sms to be forwarded to my BB :(


Windows Live Messenger/MSN on my BB

UPDATE: Seems like some people are having problem with installing. I'm updating the steps to take into account some of the issues reported by my friends.

I got word today that Windows Live Messenger aka MSN Messenger is now available on BlackBerry.

To get it, you have to do the following steps:

  1. Uninstall any MSN client installed in the BB (some T-Mobile's BB has MSN installed already). You can do this from "Options->Advance Options->Applications", you should see "Windows Live Messenger".
  2. Re-send your service book from .blackberry.com or from "E-mail Settings" icon on your BB.
  3. Hard reset your BB. Pull out the battery, while the BB is turned on, for 30 seconds.
  4. After your BB is booted up, go to "Options->Advance Options->Host Routing Table". Select the BOLD item, press Menu button and select "Register Now".
  5. Go to your main window and you should see "Windows Live Messenger" icon. Click the icon and it'll will direct you to the process of installing the client.
  6. Once it's finished downloading and installing, you can use the "Windows Live Messenger". Should you get an error while going through the motions of downloading, retry from Step 2. As my friend mentioned persistence is the key :) (Thanks for Daniel Armanto for mentioning this)

Hope that helps? :)