Happy New Year 2009!

First of all, I would like to say, "Happy New Year everyone!" Hope that 2009 be a prosperous and successful year to us all! Hear hear...

So it's been a while since I ramble on my blog... 

So what's new?

  1. I got fed up with Telkomsel's BB service *SURPRISE!* Turns out they aren't that great after all. I change to yet another provider, this time Indosat, last December after sub-par service from Telkomsel. Indosat has the biggest BB customer base and so far it hasn't disappoint me. What sux though, their voice service is sub-par but hey, I don't make to many calls :)
  2. My current work project is nearing completion. After about a year developing "Koprol", we (SkyEight) will phase ALPHA release into production around the end of the month *fingers crossed*. What is Koprol? You just to wait and see :)
  3. My eldest son, Nugra, is going to grammar school this year. So my wife and I been busy looking for school. We've been visiting open houses for school the last few months and so far he has been accepted to 2 schools (SD Kupu-Kupu and PSKD Mandiri) and is on the waiting list in one of the most sought after school (SD Mentari).
I guess that's my latest update...

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