"Where are my friends? Who else is near me?" - koprol.com

As you can guess I'm a pretty lazy blogger. Time between my posts has been somewhat a disgrace. That's because I've been working hard to complete my company's latest venture, a mobile social networking site for Indonesian market called http://koprol.com.

Another social networking site? Yes, another one!

So what's so special about this one?

I'm going to answer it in 2 ways...

First in technical terms (since I love being technical geek), it is a location based microblogging. What? (I know, that's a lot of technical jargon in one sentence :)

Now in Layman's term (for the non geek), a website that helps you know where your friends are and what are they doing there.

For those of you who are interested in the technical details of this website, it's build using Ruby on Rails (2.2.2) framework and it's currently run on top of Passenger (2.0.6). Currently it's still in alpha/beta testing phase (by invitation only) and has been running for a bout two weeks. The current number of users is roughly around ~270 users.

It's been featured in Metro TV (which caused a spike in number of invitation sent and crashed the server :)

A few nice bloggers also have written about it:
The latest media coverage is a piece by Anita Rahman published in Jakarta Globe newspaper, "Networking Service Allows Jakartans to Share Their Scene".

So enough mumbo jumbo... go on ahead "koprol" over to our site and get an invite. Currently we're aggresively approving invitation requests!

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